Wind provides more than half of Denmark's power for first time

DENMARK: Wind power accounted for more than half of all energy consumed in Denmark in December, according to national grid operator

Anholt offshore wind farm was officially opened in September

With 54.8% of the country's energy coming from wind, this is the first time that the 50% threshold has been broken over an entire month.

During the Christmas week, generation from wind turbines supplied 68.5% of the electricity consumed. On 1 December turbines generated energy which amounted to 136% of energy used.

High winds over the period meant that generation from wind farms was greater than normal. Low consumption due to the closure of factories over the Christmas period also contributed to the record.

The Danish government has a target of generating 50% of its energy from wind by 2020. also claimed that the record stands not just nationally, but globally, with no other country ever generating as high a proportion of its power from wind over a month.

The grid operator said that the record was achieved primarily through the installation of more wind farms in 2013. The commissioning of the 400MW Anholt offshore wind farm was the most significant addition.