Enercon investigates E126 blade failure

GERMANY: Enercon is investigating an incident involving a blade snapping off a E126 7.5MW turbine in Germany.

The turbine is located in Donnersbergkreis, Rhineland northern Germany and is one of a number of E126s on the Juwi-owned project. The blade, which snapped off in one piece, was found around 40 metres from the machine.

It is not known whether the blade failure was caused by high winds or a technical failure. It is believed the turbine went online in 2010.

Despite being launched five years ago, the second-generation Enercon E126 7.5MW wind turbine is still the largest in the world. The machine features segmented steel-composite hybrid blades.

In a statement, Enercon said: "Investigations of the incident on the E-126 at the Schneebergerhof site are still ongoing. No statement as to the cause of the incident and the necessity of further measures can be made until their completion."

The company added it had carried out checks of all similar machines as a precautionary measure and that no irregularities had been detected.