Turbines of the year - Innovations

WORLDWIDE: The flagship product of the Vestas-MHI joint venture takes the honours for technological innovation in 2013

Vestas V164-8.0MW… The most powerful wind-turbine prototype in the world


GOLD Vestas V164-8.0MW chassis

The 8MW rating of the Vestas-developed V164 will qualify it as the world's most powerful turbine prototype. But what makes this super-class turbine special is the clever mix of state-of-the-art and innovative solutions in a largely evolutionary design.

Fundamental to its development has been a comprehensive and systematic component and systems pre-testing and validation for reliability enhancement.

The compact tube-shape MSG-PMG drivetrain is a self-supporting structure with the main shaft housing mounted directly on the cast main chassis. The main shaft with two bearings is connected to a planetary gearbox and generator via a flexible shaft coupling. These four individual drive elements are interconnected through bolted flanges, virtually eliminating misalignment risk, while the flexible shaft coupling promotes "pure" rotor torque transmission into the gearbox.

The unusual cast chassis comprises a vertical and horizontal section, with the latter mounted atop the yaw bearing. The two combined serve as element attachment base and integral part of a spaceframe that extends from the nacelle front to the rear.

This spaceframe further consists of interconnected square-tube elements around the drivetrain, offering high stiffness with favourable mass and eliminating the need for a separate generator chassis.

A 14-metre high E-module in the tower foot incorporates a power-electronic inverter part, MV-transformer and switchgear. The nacelle-rear helicopter-hoisting platform incorporates a passive cooling system.

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