UK wind farm criticised over defence impacts

UK: A proposed 28MW wind farm in Hampshire in the south of England has been criticised by a UK defence minister due to its possible interference with military operations.

A mock-up of how the Bullington Cross project will look

The Bullington Cross project, which is being developed by EDF Energy Renewables, came in for criticism from Conservative Party minister Andrew Murrison due to it location near military radar sites at Middle Wallop and Boscombe Down.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has officially objected to the proposal, saying that the 125-metre turbines proposed for the site could get in the way of low flying operations.

EDF said: "We intend to work closely with the MoD so that suitable planning conditions can be placed on the project to ensure the safe operation of all aviation traffic in the local area."

The developer has already revised its construction proposal, scaling the project down to 14 turbines following public consultation, rather than the 17 originally muted.