Repower wins 266MW German community projects

GERMANY: Repower has won a contract to supply turbines with a total capacity of 266MW to 24 community wind farms in Germany.

The MM82 will feature on some of the wind farms

The projects across the northern state of Schleswig Holstein will employ various turbines, ranging from the 2MW MM82, with a 59-metre hub height, to the 3.2MW M114 with a hub height of 93 metres.

The contract was agreed through the Schleswig-Holstein Wind purchasing association, which represents 52 projects in the region.

Repower originally signed a primary memorandum in 2012, as did three other manufacturers, and the projects could then choose the turbines they wanted to install.

The manufacturer said that one project, featuring 11 turbines, is already "in the implementation phase" and will be commissioned "quickly". The remaining wind farms will be completed by 2015.

Schleswig-Holstein has a high concentration of wind farms due to the strong winds blowing off the North Sea.

Repower has a history of working with community-owned wind farms in the region. Earlier this year it signed a deal to supply turbines with a capacity of 82MW to a community project in the state.