FWT turbines for first Kazakhstan project

KAZAKHSTAN: FWT has begun production of 22 2MW turbines at its factory in Waigandshain, Germany, for the first wind farm in Kazakhstan.

The Fuhrländer 2MW turbine

The first nacelle was shipped on 27 November. The Ereymentau project is located near the Kazakhstan capital Astana in an agricultural region in the north of the country.

It is one of the first major deals for FWT since it was formed out of Fuhrländer at the beginning of the year. In September last year, Fuhrländer filed for insolvency, citing cash-flow problems resulting from project delays.

The investors in the project are Samruk Energy – the country's largest energy holding - and the Eurasian Development Bank.

The turbines have been adapted in cooperation with engineering consultants W2E for the special climate conditions, with hot summers of up to 40 degrees Celsius and cold winters with down to minus 40 degrees Celsius, and around freezing point with high humidity in the transition between summer and winter, according to Dieter Lahr, FWT board director.

The rotor blades are being supplied by a Chinese manufacturer, whose name has not been disclosed, and the 100-metre towers are being built in the Ukraine, the company said.