New software aims to simplify gearbox design

UK: Gearbox specialist Romax Technology has released new software aimed at simplifying the process for gearbox design.

The software is designed to speed up the simulation process

Dynamic Fusion is a multibody dynamics (MBD) software program that can generate models for technicians rather than the user having to go through the time consuming process themselves.

MBD software is designed to analyse how mechanical systems made up of several components interacting with each other will work under the influences of forces. This kind of software is used in the design of all modern gearboxes.

Romax said Dynamic Fusion is designed to automatically generate models, enabling gearbox designers to carry out simulations before building a prototype.

Based on the scenario that the engineer wants to simulate, the user selects a frequency range, and the software automatically generates a model of the minimum complexity needed to be accurate.

If a design change is made, a new set of models can easily be exported.

Romax claims that this will mean that problems with drivetrains can be identified and rectified earlier in the design process, saving time and money.

Product manager Michael Platten said: "Currently, when MBD is used within the design process, there is the temptation to create much simpler models than are needed so that they are quicker to build and take less simulation time.

"The danger here is that the results are inaccurate and design decisions based on them are ineffective or worse."