Hitachi to build 5MW turbine on Japanese coastline

JAPAN: Hitachi is preparing a prototype of its new 5MW downwind offshore turbine, which it will start testing in 2014 onshore, on the coastline of Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture, which lies 100 kilometres to the east of Tokyo.

Hitachi's downwind offshore 5MW turbine

Construction of the HTW5.0-126 will finish by the end of March and testing is due to start by the end of September.

The new turbine combines a medium-speed generator with permanent magnet drive and features a rotor diameter of 126 metres.

The downwind model has been designed for typhoon-prone IEC-Class S (annual average wind speeds of 10m/s) enabling it to withstand wind conditions typical in that region.

Hitachi said the turbine could be mounted on floating platforms. The Japanese company is already providing a 2MW turbine for the Fukushima floating offshore project, which started generating electricity in October.

Hitachi plans to start selling the HTW5.0-126 by  March 2016.

In July 2012 Hitachi announced plans to build the 5MW turbine, a scaled-up version of the 2MW design the company acquired when it bought Fuji Heavy Industries' wind division turbine division in the same month.