First power from GE 2.5-120

GERMANY: The first GE 2.5-120 turbine has supplied power to the grid in Schnaittenbach, Bavaria.

The turbine being installed in September

The new machine, which is designed for low-wind and densely forested locations, has a 120-metre rotor and a custom-built tower with a hub height of 139 metres.

Operator Max Bogl Wiesner installed the turbine in September.

The 2.5-120 is the first turbine within GE's "Brilliant" range, which uses an industrial internet to allow turbines to communicate with each other to enable more efficient and smoother output.

GE says the machine is 25% more efficient and has a 15% higher power output than earlier 2.5MW models.

The manufacturer revealed in May that it has already secured an order for 86 of the new turbines from Invenergy for use on its Mills County wind farm in Texas.