Siemens 6MW is provisionally certified

GERMANY: Siemens has made a step closer to final certification of its 6MW turbine with GL Renewables Certification handing it a provisional type certificate.

A number of 6MW prototypes have been installed

"It attests the conformity of the wind turbine design, manufacturing and testing processes for all safety-relevant items with the normative references," GL said in a statement.

The first prototype of the SWT-6.0 was installed in 2011 at the Høvsøre test site in Denmark with a 120-metre rotor. The second model, with a 154-metre rotor, was installed in 2012 at the new national test centre at Østerild, Denmark.

In January, Siemens installed two additional prototypes at Dong Energy's Gunfleet Sands III demonstration project in the UK. Both turbines for this project are equipped with the 120-metre rotor.