EWEA chief calls for clear policy framework

EUROPE: The biggest obstacle to meeting the EU´s 2020 target of 40GW of energy from offshore wind are politicians changing the policy framework, said European Wind Energy Association chief executive Thomas Becker at the opening of EWEA's offshore conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

Thomas Becker
Becker said Europe currently has more than 6GW of offshore wind and the sector needs more than EUR100 billion investment to meet the 2020 target.

He said wind provides politicians with a carbon free future created in a sustainable way. Europe has great wind resources, turbine manufacturers, service companies and expertise.

What the industry needs, said Becker, is a clear, stable and sustainable framework. What worked from 2008 were the clear C02, renewable energy and energy consumption targets.

With a stable framework in place "we can create a market by ourselves", he said.