Iran to build at least 600MW of wind projects

IRAN: Iran has announced plans to build three wind farms of at least 200MW each, according to the Iranian Wind Energy Association (IRWEA).

A number of turbines based on the Vestas 660kW model are installed in Iran

The government will launch a tender for the right to design, build and operate the three plants, hoping to attract private investors.

However, there is some confusion about the size of the plants, with IRWEA saying they will be 200MW each, compared with local media reporting they will be 350MW each.

No timetable has been announced, but Iran aims to generate 1.5% of its energy from renewables by 2016, compared with less than 1% today.

To help fund this deployment, the government recently announced a sharp increase in power purchase tariffs from IRR 1,300 (EUR 0.04) to IRR 4,000 (EUR 0.12) per kilowatt hour, although IRWEA said the tariff has not yet been applied.

Most of the 110MW installed in Iran is powered by turbines based on the Vestas 660kW machines, elements of which were originally made locally under licence by the Sadid Industrial Group. Late last year, Iran's Mapna industrial Group said it planned to manufacture 2.5MW turbines by "indigenising" the technology.