Gamesa installs first G114 prototype

SPAIN: Gamesa has installed the prototype of its G114-2MW turbine at its wind farm in Alaiz, Navarre, Spain.

The G114 2MW's power density compared with other Gamesa models

The low-wind turbine features a new 55.5-metre blade and comes in tower sizes of between 93-metres and 140-metres. Gamesa claims the G114 will help it in its aim of lowering the cost of energy of its turbines.

The manufacturer said the turbine's swept area has been increased by 38%, with the 114-metre rotor diameter offering a wind industry record-low 196W/m2 specific power rating. There has also been a 20% increase in energy output on its predecessor the G97 2MW.

Serial production is set to start in the first quarter of 2014 and the company said it expects to get the type certificate by mid-2014.

The company has already logged an order for 10 of the turbines with Heritage Sustainable Energy for use on its Big Turtle wind farm in Michigan.

The prototype of the turbine was supposed to be in place in October, but Gamesa said that the deinstallation of a previous turbine from one of the three towers at the company's R&D wind farm was delayed due to poor weather conditions.

The company is also developing a low- to medium-wind 2.5MW machine with the same rotor size and based on the 2MW turbine.