GE to enhance E.on turbines

UNITED STATES: GE has signed a deal to supply its turbine enhancement technology to E.on for use on 469 of its turbines across five wind farms.

The technology will be fitted to GE 1.5-77 turbines
The PowerUp software-enabled platform will be fitted to the GE 1.5-77 turbines in the US with the aim of increasing the performance of the machines by as much as 5%.

E.on will pay for the additions based on the outcome of the software implementation, with the cost linked to any measured performance improvement that is detected. GE will work with E.on to perform a before-and-after power-performance analysis to validate the outcome.

By adjusting performance dials that include speed, torque, pitch, aerodynamics and turbine controls, the PowerUp control system enhancer is intended to maximise the power output of a wind farm.

The technology is part of GE's wind platform, which brings together analysis of data points on a wind farm with the intention of driving higher power output.

GE has a service agreement that covers 842 of E.on's turbines.