XEMC Darwind switches turbine onshore

EUROPE: XEMC Darwind plans to enter the European onshore wind market with two 4.5MW and a 5MW direct-drive turbine, based on the Chinese company's 5MW offshore model.

XEMC's X115 5MW offshore turbine

In September 2011 XEMC Darwind installed the XD115/5MW (which featured in Windpower Monthly’s top ten 3.6MW+ turbines of 2012) prototype in the Netherlands.

The onshore XD115/4.5MW, which is based on the XD115/5MW offshore model, is for noise-constrained IEC class IA/IB high wind speed sites. For places without such noise restrictions the XD115/5MW can be supplied.

The other onshore model, the XD133/4.5MW, is being developed for low and medium wind speeds – IEC class IIIA/IIB. It is planned to be available for the commercial market in 2015, focusing on Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland.

XEMC Darwind aims to have a turbine assembly and testing site in the Netherlands. Specific parts for the XD115/4.5MW will be procured in China and other components, including the blade, tower and rotor bearings will be from Europe.

A XEMC Darwind spokesperson said the company will continue to offer the XD115/5MW for European and international offshore projects.

In March 2012, XEMC Darwind won a 50MW offshore supply and installation agreement from German developer Windkraft FIT. The deal is for ten 5MW XD115/5MW direct-drive turbines.

The units, which are likely to be the first Chinese offshore turbines to be installed in Europe, are to be built off the German North Sea coast in a project called Albatros 1.

Dutch-owned offshore wind turbine developer Darwind was acquired by XEMC in 2009, forming XEMC Darwind.