Siemens sells 22MW to German community project

GERMANY: Siemens is to supply its 3.6MW offshore turbines to an onshore community-owned project in northern Germany.

Siemens' 3.6MW turbine is usually used offshore

The company will install six SWT-120-3.6MW, raising the capacity of the Norderhof wind farm in Schleswig-Holstein from 21.6MW to 37.7MW.

The 3.6MW turbine was developed for offshore use, but Siemens said that the near-coast location of the project  meant that the turbine is well suited to the site.

The first section of the Norderhof wind farm went on line in 2007. It has a capacity of 16.1MW from seven Siemens SWT-93-2.3MW turbines.

The turbines are expected to go up by late summer 2014, and the contract also includes a 20-year maintenance deal.