Fukushima floating turbine receives subsea cable connectors

UK: Cable specialist First Subsea has supplied its self-activated cable connectors to the Fukushima floating turbine pilot project.

First Subsea has supplied cable connectors for Fukushima’s 2MW floating turbine

The cable connector’s mechanism enables diverless and remotely operated vehicle (ROV)less installation offshore.

Three subsea connectors are being used to connect 66kV and 22kV cables to the 2MW floating turbine and the floating substation.

The Marubeni-led consortium behind Japan's floating wind project 20 kilometres off the coast of Fukushima has said it expects the first turbine to come online in November.

The male connectors are guided into receptacles on the wind turbine and substation. Once engaged they cannot be released until the load has been removed.

A disengage mechanism allows the connector to be released and recovered for re-use.

British company First Subsea said the diverless cable connection provides significant savings in vessel time and greater installation flexibility to cope with changes in weather conditions offshore.