Aerodyn to launch 8MW turbine

GERMANY: Aerodyn Engineering is launching an 8MW turbine at the EWEA offshore conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

Aerodyn is unveiling its 8MW at EWEA

The German company’s SCD (super compact drive) turbine has a 168-metre rotor and is designed for TCIB wind conditions (class I typhoon).

The design is based on the company’s 6MW turbine and has been in development since the beginning of the year.

The new turbine, with the two-blade design, has been optimised for the typhoon conditions which occur in the western part of the Pacific Ocean around China, the Philippines and Japan. It also has a landing pad for helicopters.

Aerodyn was unwilling to confirm whether it was being licensed by long-term customer Ming Yang. The company said it was looking to license the design globally.

Aerodyn’s senior project manager Dirk Pries,, said: "It’s like our other SCD turbines with a drivetrain with a two-stage planetary gearbox and a permanent magnet generator, like the 6MW.

"As we learned in previous SCD projects, you can install the two-blades in the harbour before shipping it to the site and you only have to lift it to the turbine in one action.

"If you think of the high cost of offshore cranes it saves a lot of time and money.

"Part of the concept of two blades is less pitch drive which is where you see an advantage. We try to keep things as simple as possible and with simple assembly.

"We are looking for customers worldwide – we are not focusing on any particular countries or regions."

Companies can licence the turbine design from Aerodyn who will support them to build it.

Aerodyn is launching a website next week detailing more information about the 8MW turbine and they will reveal more about the product at EWEA.

China’s Ming Yang and Aerodyn designed and built a 6-6.5MW prototype two-bladed downwind offshore turbine, which can withstand South China Sea’s typhoon-prone waters.

The prototype recently started an 18-month testing programme at the Longyuan Rudong intertidal offshore wind farm.

The prototype's actual power rating is 6MW with a 140-metre rotor diameter for typhoon-prone IEC II offshore locations. A 6.5MW high-wind version for IEC I areas comes with a 130-metre rotor diameter.

Ming Yang is also working on a 12MW wind turbine using the SCD two-bladed design created by Aerodyn.

Aerodyn, headquartered in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, is headed by its founder Sönke Siegfriedsen who came 18th in Windpower Monthly’s Top 30 list of industry influencers of 2013.