Capital Safety launch tower climb devices

UNITED STATES: Capital Safety has launched a new range of height safety products, including a lifeline designed to resist "zero-radius edges".

The power climber in action

The Nano-Lok Edge self-retracting lifeline will be launched at the A+A trade fair in Dusseldorf on 5-8 November.

The company claims that it is the only product of its type to be tested to such extremes, with others only being trialled with edges with a radius of 0.5mm.

In order to reduce tripping hazards, the line retracts when not in use and its internal brake mechanism can stop a fall while limiting fall distance to a shorter length.

The product is produced in single or twin leg, and with web or cable lifeline.

Additionally, the company launched its DBI-SALA power climb assist. This is designed to be used in conjunction with a ladder safety system.

The device automatically senses motion so there is no need to use a remote control to start and stop. Operators clip onto a loop cable, which means there is no need to wait for the cable to descend before the next user can start to climb.

Capital will also introduce its new DBI-SALA EZ-Stop fall arrest lanyards that use a Mobius loop of energy absorbing webbing. This removes the need for a backing strap, allowing the lanyard to be lighter and more compact than previous models increasing user comfort.