Vestas takes on Europe's anti-wind groups

EUROPE: Vestas has extended its campaign to counter misapprehensions about the wind industry to Sweden, the UK and Ireland.

The website features vox-pop videos

The Act on Facts project, an online campaign designed to take on what Vestas calls the "increasingly organised and influential anti-wind movement", has already been running in Australia since June.

The next phase was launched today at the Vind 2013 conference in Sweden and will feature new vox-pop videos addressing misconceptions about wind energy, an expanded section with information to dispel some of the more common myth, and new functions such as a community stories section.

"Wind energy projects are being put at risk by an increasingly organised and influential anti-wind movement. The Act on Facts campaign is designed to counter factually flawed arguments and misinformation and to tip the balance back in wind energy's favour," said Morten Albæk, Vestas senior vice president.

Australia was originally chosen for the launch because anti-wind groups there have proved particularly successful in whipping up opposition to wind power development, but Vestas has always intended to roll out the programme globally.

The decision to extend into Europe was made due to the importance of the markets in the region and what Vestas described as an increase in anti-wind activities in the countries.