Mita-Teknik moves into load simulation through acquisition

DENMARK: Control systems specialist Mita-Teknik has acquired fellow Danish wind technology company Wind Nordic.

Both companies develop control algorithms for turbines

The acquisition has been brought onboard in order to expand Mita-Teknik's offering into load simulation and turbine optimisation.

Wind Nordic is a specialist in using software to simulate the behaviour of turbine components under different wind conditions and using that data to optimise designs accordingly.

Mika-Teknik CEO Jesper Andersen said: "We have been looking to develop in this direction, and it is something that is at the edge of what we've been doing, so this will compliment our work well and improve the services we can offer to out clients."

He added: "Their competencies are things we don't cover so far, so it's a unique area that they have know-how in that can feed into Mita-Teknik."

Wind Nordic also designs control algorithms to enable maximum efficiency of turbines — a service that is also offered by its new parent company.

Although the companies will be working together to develop technology, Wind Nordik will continue to serve its current customers, and seek new ones, as a separate team.