Mervento's 216MW order pipeline

FINLAND: Finnish wind start-up Mervento hopes to announce five orders from four companies totalling 60 near-shore turbines in the next couple of months, which will be installed in Finland.

Mervento's 3.6-118 wind turbine at 130 meters
The company’s 3.6MW direct-drive prototype is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius. The machine can also be installed in offshore and onshore locations.

Mervento erected and commissioned the first pilot 3.6-118 turbine in the beginning of 2012 in Sundom, eight kilometres from the city of Vaasa on Finland’s west coast.

The turbine has been producing electricity to the local grid since March 2012.

Speaking to Windpower Monthly, Jarmo Saaranen, Mervento’s chief executive, said: "We have a letter of intent for 60 turbines. We are starting in the Finish market, and there are other markets we want to explore.

"The turbine is very unique – it’s a class II turbine, so it’s delegated for near-shore and offshore.

"From the beginning it has been designed for cold climate, which is a huge market, and we are the only ones to have designed a turbine specifically for cold climates and extreme conditions. It’s also very adaptable to hot and arid areas.

"We are offering countries whole licence packages, which includes the technology, so they have everything they need to start producing the turbine."

Last year Mervento launched its 4.0-118M wind turbine for near and offshore locations. It is equipped with a direct-drive permanent magnet generator, medium-voltage power electronics and a fail-safe hydraulic pitch system. The wind turbine is designed for IEC class IIB wind conditions.