Vestas picks 10MW Lorc centre for V164 test

DENMARK: Vestas is set to test the drivetrain for its V164 8MW turbine at the Lindoe Offshore Renewables Centre (LORC) nacelle testing facility.

The LORC testing rig was built by GE

The Vestas turbine is the first machine to be tested at the centre, which will be located on the island of Funen, eastern Denmark. The tests will be run from summer 2014, with the contract set to last two and a half years.

GE was handed the contract to build the rig, which is capable of testing an output of up to 10MW.

The centre allows for testing on drivetrain, grid simulation, direct-drive permanent magnet generator and control systems. It will also include an adapter enabling the hub and pitch control to be tested.

Speaking about the testing for the V164, Vestas chief technology officer Anders Vedel said: "Our test work reduces Vestas' warranty expenses and is essential. Our wind turbines today have a lost production factor of less than 2%."