Chinese typhoon knocks out 17 wind turbines

CHINA: Eight wind turbines have blown down by typhoon-strength winds in south China's Guangdong Province.

Typhoon Usagi, the most powerful this year, also broke off blades of another nine wind turbines when it hit the Honghaiwan Wind Farm in coastal Shanwei City, Guangdong.

According to Windpower Intelligence, Honghaiwan consist of 25 imported Vestas V47 600kW turbines. The remaining wind turbines need maintenance to see whether they can operate normally.

According to the manager of the wind farm, the typhoon has led to nearly CNY 100 million ($16 million) loss to the wind farm. The wind farm was hit by a similar typhoon in 2003, with 13 out of 25 turbines damaged causing 10 million yuan loss.

The wind farm was developed by Guangdong Jihua Wind Energy Company in 2000 in Honghaiwan (Honghai Bay). The first stage project went into operation in 2003, totaling 16.5MW. It was expanded with another 20.4MW in 2004.