Vessels & Access - Vessels evolve to meet demand

A new generation of purpose-built vessels is easing access to far-offshore turbines

The rapid growth of offshore wind power in the past few years and a move towards larger projects further away from the coast has brough to the fore the importance of high-quality shipping services for this burgeoning sector. The vessels sector is aware of the need to introduce better designs and more creative business practices. This report shows how it can be done, and how the various players involved must come together to make it a success.

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The growing potential of maritime spatial planning

Europe’s sea basins host a number of activities that are important to the EU’s economy. So how will the major increases in offshore wind planned by 2020 fit into the marine mix? This article explains how cooperative planning can anticipate and head off potential conflicts

Specialist boats or add-on access systems?

As offshore wind moves further out to sea, the smooth and safe transfer of personnel and components to turbines becomes increasingly difficult. We look at the ongoing debate between proponents of specialist boats and those who favour bolt-on access systems

The offshore six


The Carbon Trust's chosen offshore cost-reduction concepts


Shipping rules in favour of offshore wind sector

The shipping industry is now responding to activity in offshore wind power by developing the vessels needed for specialist installation and servicing. However, with personnel safety and cost-efficiency paramount, there is a need for rules to govern ship design

Vessel designers start to find their sea legs

Vessel design and availability can greatly influence the viability of the offshore wind power sector, as the combined effect of Round 3 progress and 2020 targets propel developers into ever-deeper waters. We report on how one firm tackled the innovation challenge

Fit for purpose

The checklist set out by Tidal Transit for the future of offshore wind vessels