Foundations - Industry bedrock comes into focus

Opportunity knocks in offshore's quest for future-proof foundations

Special Report - Foundations - Industry bedrock comes into focus

Improvements in foundations technology and logistics is essential to improve the efficiency of offshore wind farms, lower the cost of energy and reduce the burden of operations and maintenance. This special report analyses the latest advances and how the industry is facing these challenges.

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Exploring the trends in foundation design

Most offshore wind turbines use monopile foundations, but alternative foundation designs are gradually gaining ground. Eize de Vries evaluates the choices available to developers depending on their own preferences and perceptions, site conditions and turbine size

Comparing the competition in turbine foundations

The cost-mass relationship of the main foundation types

Springboard for European success

The growth of the offshore wind industry has picked up pace over the past five years bringing increased opportunities for foundations manufacturers and the associated supply chain. Erica Russell explains how European companies can ensure that they get in on the act

How innovation is shaping foundations

Success drivers and stories from the supply chain

Better installation can deliver savings for all

With an ambitious programme to rapidly increase its installed offshore wind power capacity, Germany is ramping up efforts to improve efficiency and lower costs. Hartmut Schwerdtfeger of BLG Logistics gives examples of how better logistics can help deliver cheaper energy

Solid base for innovation

Foundations need a sea-change in performance and cost if they are to provide a sound platform for offshore wind. But the industry must rally round to make it happen, argues Edwin van de Brug