Dongfang announces 5.5MW offshore turbine

Chinese power firm partners with AMSC

A prototype of a new 5.5MW offshore wind turbine, developed jointly by AMSC and Dongfang Electric, will be installed later this year at an onfshore wind farm in Nantong, Jiangsu province.

Dongfang hopes that the new turbine will eventually attract orders from developers active in the European offshore wind market as well as assist it in increasing its domestic market share to 15%.

With its 5.5MW prototype Dongfang is following in the footsteps of Sinovel and Guodian United Power, both of which have produced 6MW turbines. Goldwind and Chongqing Haizhuang are also developing 6MW machines.

Regaining recently-lost market share is a priority for Dongfang. Before 2011, Dongfang was China’s third-largest wind turbine manufacturer, with 11.1% market share and cumulative installation of 6898MW. Last year, it was pushed out of the top five manufacturers by Guodian United Power and Mingyang.