Chinese firm invests in German offshore market

Foundation assembly plant planned for Wilhelmshaven

A German company with Chinese backing, Jade Werke, is expected to sign a contract before the end of the year to lease a 120,000m² area at the German North Sea port of Wilhelmshaven. The site will be used for an offshore wind foundations assembly plant.

Created in early 2012, Jade Werke, is financially supported by Chinese privately-owned shipbuilding company, Jiangsu Hantong Group, which builds both jacket foundations and so-called Deltahybrid foundations.

The Chinese firm also owns installation vessels that have served the Chinese offshore wind market.

Jiangsu Hantong’s German partner in the development of the Deltahybrid foundation is steel engineering company, Hilgefort.

Foundation assembly is not expected to begin at the Jade Werke facility at Wilhelmshaven until 2014, according to a spokesperson for Niedersachsen Ports.