STX upgrades MV Aura for offshore wind work

General Cable subsidiary to deploy vessel on German cable contracts

A German subsidiary of cable company, General Cable, has taken delivery of a newly-upgraded cargo ship, the MV Aura. The vessel will be deployed on offshore infield and export cable installation contracts in German waters.

South Korean marine engineering firm, STX, recently upgraded the Aura to improve its suitability for offshore wind and cable work. It has been fitted with a dynamic positioning system, two additional bow thrusters, two new diesel engines and deck cranes. An accommodation block capable of housing up to 36 people has also been added.

Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke has a long-term lease on the Aura from its Finnish owner, Meriaura Group. The company recently unveiled a new medium voltage AC cable production facility at Nordenham.

The Aura has previously been used to transport monopiles and transition pieces for several offshore wind projects, including Sheringham Shoal and Walney II.