Blade for 7MW Samsung turbine heads for Bremerhaven

171.2m design by SSP Technology to be tested by Fraunhofer

The first prototype of a record-breaking 83.5m blade designed by SSP Technology will be transported tonight by ship from the Danish port of Esjberg to the Fraunhofer Institute’s blade testing facility at Bremerhaven.

The blade has been commissioned by Samsung Heavy Industries, as part of its development of a 7MW turbine aimed at the offshore wind market. It is the longest wind turbine blade produced to date and has a rotor diameter of 171.2m.

"We received the order to design and manufacture the blade 15 months ago and we are proud to have accomplished the task within the time frame set and within budget," explained Flemming Sørensen, SSP’s founder and chief technology officer, speaking with Windpower Offshore.

Testing will begin soon, with two months of static testing to be followed by a 25-year lifecycle fatigue test, expected to last more than six months. Norwegian firm DNV will certify the tests.

Production of the blade for Samsung represents an "important milestone" for SSP, said Sørensen, adding that it is a "fairly small company" based in a country hosting much larger wind turbine blade companies. SSP’s experience of collaborating with Samsung has been "extremely" positive, said Sørensen.

Once testing of the first blade is completed, SSP will begin producing two further blades for Samsung's 7MW prototypes.