Windreich sells Deutsche Bucht to unnamed "Anglosaxon" investor

210MW project to feature 5MW Areva turbines

German wind energy deverloper, Windreich, has signed a contract to sell its 210MW Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm to a "well known Anglosaxon financial investor with a sporting background", for a three digit million Euro sum, Windreich owner Willi Balz told Windpower Offshore today.

Balz declined to name the investor.

Deutsche Bucht was permitted in 2010 and is designed around 42 Areva 5MW turbines. It is due to come online in 2015, said Balz. The wind farm’s electricity will be sold at the alternating current stage, before being converted to direct current for transmission to the onshore grid.

"TenneT will be responsible for sorting out the transport, probably via an ‘interim’ arrangement using one of the BorWin cables," said Balz.