Windreich cuts grid connection deal with TenneT

Link to BorWin2 will allow Deutsche Bucht to progress

A subsidiary of German wind energy developer, Windreich, has reached agreement with transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT about how to connect its Deutsche Bucht offshore project to the onshore grid without delay.

The interim arrangement is likely to have been a key factor in Windreich's successful sale of the 210MW Deutsche Bucht project to an as-yet-unnamed UK investor.

The agreement with TenneT will see a temporary cable link laid between Deutsche Bucht and BorWin2 export cable. This will remain in place until the cable originally planned to connect Deutsche Bucht to shore, BorWin4, is ready.

The 800MW BorWin2 cable is already under construction, whereas tendering procedures have only just begun for BorWin4.

Borwin 2 is primarily being built for Windreich's 400MW Global Tech1 project Bard Group's 400MW Veja Mate project. The latter is not yet under construction and its future has been questioned.

This interim arrangement also does away with legal complaint that Windreich subsidiary, British Wind Energy (which bought the Deutsche Bucht project from the Bard Group in 2011), lodged with the Germany's federal energy regulator over TenneT's cable delays.