How innovation is shaping foundations

Success drivers and stories from the supply chain

There have been innovations in coating, grouting and corrosion protection for offshore foundations

Success drivers for the supply chain:

    Modifying conventional designs and scaling up manufacturing capacity

    Streamlining processes to see further cost savings

    Reducing installation risk

    Reducing the cost of the materials used

    Reducing the pile length

    Increasing vessel capacity

    Better, cheaper coatings and corrosion protection

Foundation coatings

Coatings manufacturer Hempel has recently launched a solvent-free version of its protective coating for offshore wind turbine foundations.

As well as helping turbine manufacturers reduce solvent emissions, the new environmentally friendlier coating offers a six-hour drying time, one of the fastest in the industry and two hours faster than the company’s current product range.

The coating has been specifically developed to provide protection in the splash zone.

Foundation grouting

BASF launched Masterflow Exagrout in April, a fatigue-resistant grout for onshore and offshore wind turbines.It is a mixture of cement and metallic aggregates and the product has rapid strength build-up, even under water.

The manufacturer envisages cost improvements due to maintenance-free installation.

Corrosion protection

Cathelco has developed a system specifically designed to protect offshore wind turbines against corrosion.

It has produced new anodes, reference electrodes and control systems that meet the needs of jacket, tripod and monopile structures. Protection is provided from the splash zone to the foundation base. The product was launched in April.