German offshore wind within sight of 8GW by 2017

Transmission system operators forecast rapid rise

An estimated 7,853MW of German offshore wind will be commissioned and generate around 28.5TWh of electricity per year by 2017, the country's four transmissions system operators (TSOs) have said.

According to the TSO's latest short-to-medium-term forecast for renewables developments in Germany, which was released on Thursday, overall renewables capacity will rise to 111.4GW by the same date, with generation estimated at 203TWh per year.

Onshore wind will rise to 38.7GW of onshore wind with an annual output of about 68.4TWh in 2017, the data reveals. This means that German offshore wind is expected to generate twice as much electricity as onshore wind, in proportion to installed capacity.

Progress for offshore wind will be moderate next year, with 888MW installed capacity expected by the end of 2013. But it should grow

to 2,926MW in 2014, 4,901MW in 2015 and 6,203MW in 2016, the TSOs said.

In September 2012 Germany's offshore fleet stood at 200MW.