A2Sea Sea Installer approaches home

West of Duddon Sands will be 132m jack-up's first major job

A2Sea is looking forward to the arrival in early December of its first bespoke-built offshore wind installation vessel, Sea Installer. Its existing fleet comprises vessels that were re-engineered for offshore wind use.

The 132m jack-up is making its way from China, where it was built by Cosco. It boasts an open deck area of 3350m², legs that can extend up to 83m and an 800t main crane.

Windpower Offhsore understands that as of late last week, Sea Installer was negotiating the Suez Canal.

The vessel's first job will be to install two Siemens 6MW prototypes at Gunfleet Sands 3, after which it will briefly assist installation of remaining turbines at the 400MW Anholt project in Danish waters.

Sea Installer's first lengthy contact will to support construction of the 389MW West of Duddon Sands, off the north west coast of England.