Bremerhaven offshore wind terminal goes ahead

Public funds secured for €180m upgrade plan

After efforts to find private investors for a €180m North Sea offshore wind terminal on the river Weser estuary failed, the German city-state of Bremen/Bremerhaven has decided to invest in the project itself.

"In view of current uncertainties in offshore development, no offers were received that could be evaluated. The decision to use public funds to finance the offshore terminal allows progress on the construction planning to continue," announced the city’s government on 5 Dec.

The news allows tendering for construction and operation of the terminal to begin. Permitting should be completed in 2014.

The new terminal will provide a loading platform for wind turbine components close to existing offshore wind production facilities at the port. A 500m long quay will be built, capable of handling up to 160 wind turbines per year.

Areva, REpower, WeserWind Offshore Construction Georgsmarienhuette and PowerBlades all have production facilities in Bremerhaven. The need for improved facilities to allow these and other offshore wind players to expand their Bremerhaven-based activities has been acknowledged for some time.

"The wind industry in Bremerhaven needs this terminal as a shipment area close to the water and for further growth. Not only will companies already active in Bremerhaven have all the more reason to stay, other companies will be persuaded to set up business here," commented Bremen economic senator, Melf Grantz.

"The city government stands by its position that offshore wind is a central pillar of Germany's switch to renewable energies. Even if one or other project is delayed, this type of energy generation will take on overriding significance in the coming decades. We are supporting this and want to reap the benefits with many new jobs" said Bremen’s lord mayor Jens Böhrnsen.