Block Island not expected online until 2015

Delay caused by public opposition and legal challenge to power purchase agreement

Deepwater Wind has pushed back the expected online date for its 30MW Block Island offshore wind farm from 2014 to 2015, according to reports in the local press.

CEO Jeff Grybowski said that opposition to the project was one reason for the delay; a legal challenge over its power purchase agreement had set development back.

Permitting is expected to be completed in the spring, with project funding being finalised and equipment orders placed about six months after that, he told the Block Island Times.

Grybowski said that the cables could take a year or more to deliver. If the parts arrive in the winter, the start of construction would have to be delayed until warmer weather arrived.

The developer will likely sign agreements to protect right whales at the Block Island development and in southern New England, as it has done for the East Coast.

New Shoreham Town Council recently granted the developer an extension to the prescribed period for cable laying on Block Island.

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