Eolfi plans 5MW vertical axis turbine

FRANCE: A new vertical-axis floating wind turbine is under development in France, backed by onshore developer and operator Eolfi.

The turbine will be "over 5MW", the designers say, far bigger than the 2MW Vertiwind turbine being developed by Lille-based designer Nenuphar, project management and engineering company Technip and renewable energy company EDF Energies Nouvelles.

The Spinfloat turbine will be fitted with variable-pitch blades patented by Asah LM, a subsidiary of Eolfi. The company declined to give further details, beyond the fact that they are developing an offshore prototype.

The French government is keen to push ahead with floating turbines, a sector in which it hopes to play a leading role. Earlier this month it announced new funding for demonstrators of floaters, anchorage and dynamic cables.

At the same time, a government report highlighted the need to simplify the regulatory framework for offshore test sites and pilot projects in order to boost the sector.