Vestas on verge of 117MW Jordanian order

DENMARK: Vestas could be about to sign an order for 117MW in Jordan, its first in the country.

Vestas has issued a statement about a potential 117MW order in Jordan, but said it would make no further comment about the project until the deal was conditional.

According to Windpower Intelligence, the only 117MW project in the Jordanian pipeline is the Talifah project in the west of the country and close to the city of the same name. The wind farm was set to receive planning permission last month.

Talifah is being developed by the Jordan Wind Project Consortium and is the largest wind farm in development in the country. In all Jordan is developing 250MW across five projects.

In January, the Jordanian government has launched a pre-qualification process to build, operate and maintain a 65-75MW project in the south of the country as it seeks to resume its wind expansion.

Jordan was one of a number of Middle Eastern countries looking at wind power projects around 2010. However much of this development has been hampered by the events surrounding the Arab Spring.