Sany to sell windfarms blocked by Obama

UNITED STATES: Ralls Corporation, the US subsidiary of Chinese turbine maker Sany Electric, has put up for sale four wind farms whose development has been blocked by president Barack Obama over national security concerns.

Ralls Corporation will run an auction in New York next Thursday (7 February) for 100% of its project company Ralls Wind Farm LLC, which owns the rights to develop four 10MW projects in Boardman, Oregon.

It is looking for bids of around $4.35 million for the company, whose projects are currently at the centre of a legal dispute between Ralls and the US government.

Ralls is suing the US government and Obama over the president's decision last October to prevent Ralls from building the four projects, each of which is proposed to comprise five Sany 2MW turbines. The block was made by Obama on grounds of national security, with the president claiming that the projects' locations were too near the naval weapons systems training facility.

The US Justice Department has asked US district judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is overseeing the case, to throw out Sany's legal action against the government and president, but she is yet to respond.

Yesterday it was revealed that Ralls had also begun legal proceedings against Terna Energy, the Greek developer that sold it the project .