Wind contribution to UK electricity up by 25%

UK: The share of electricity generated by renewables in the third quarter of the year rose by over 25% compared with the same period in 2011, mainly due to increased wind capacity.

Renewable sources provided 11.7% of electricity in Q3, compared with 9.1% for the same period last year. Onshore wind generation rose by 38.2%, while generation offshore increased by 54.2%.

The figures were published in a statistical release from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. This also updated final figures for 2011, which show that Scotland sourced 36.3% of electricity from renewable sources last year, surpassing its renewables target.

This record is on track to be smashed in 2012, as renewable electricity generation in the first three quarters is 15.2% higher than in 2011.

Meanwhile, generation from gas in the UK fell by over 40% due to high gas prices and coal-fired generation rose by almost 50%. Nuclear generation was 14.4% higher than in Q3 2011 when some power stations suffered outages.

These shifts in energy generation come against a backdrop of an overall drop in UK electricity generation of 2.8%.