Ontario tribunal rejects appeal to stop 270MW project

CANADA: An Ontario tribunal has rejected an attempt by wind farm opponents to derail a 270MW project in the south-western part of the province.

Ontario's environmental review tribunal dismissed an appeal of the renewable energy approval for the South Kent wind project, which is being developed by Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy. The panel said the appellant, Chatham-Kent Wind Action, failed to show the project would cause serious harm to human health.

"We are pleased, although not at all surprised, with the result," says Pattern CEO Mike Garland. "The issues raised have been heard by the tribunal several times with the same results. While we believe in the legal rights to appeal, it is unfortunate that these appeals and the lack of evidence supporting the claims, take up valuable time and money of the government at a time when resources are scarce."

South Kent, expected online at the end of 2013, is the first of a planned 2GW of wind the partners are developing in Ontario under an agreement with the provincial government. So far, Samsung and Pattern have concluded power purchase contracts for four projects totalling 870 MW.