UK energy ministers use press in wind fight

UK: The UK energy minister, Liberal Democrat Ed Davey, has sought legal advice over whether his Conservative junior minister John Hayes can be stripped of his responsibilities for green energy policy.

Bring wind into the UK news... Hayes (right) and Davey fight it out

Major legislation affecting the UK wind industry is expected this week. However, it has been delayed repeatedly due to political in-fighting within the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Both Hayes and Davey have been conducting their battle through the UK press. Responding to anti-wind comments made by Hayes to the right wing Daily Telegraph, Davey told the left-leaning Guardian newspaper that he had appealed to prime minister David Cameron, stating Hayes had not kept to coalition policy.

After Cameron failed to act, Davey consulted lawyers. He said: "I asked the legal department here whether there was a danger John had prejudiced himself because he had made these statements, and they said there was a danger.

"They said they could not say it would end up in judicial review, and challenging decisions in which he was involved, but there was a greater potential danger."

Davey is preparing to unveil his Energy Bill this week, paving the way for more nuclear power stations and wind farms over the next two decades.