Guodian installs first 6MW wind turbine

CHINA: Guodian United Power has installed a 6MW prototype offshore turbine on the beach of Weifang in east China's Shandong province.

Guodian's 6MW turbine

The company completed installing the variable-speed 6MW turbine, with 66.5-metre carbon-fibre blades (a single blade length), on 6 November. It uses a doubly-fed induction generator.

Guodian United Power said it independently developed the 6MW wind turbine, which features a 90-metre high nacelle weighing 240 tons. The rotor blade wind swept area is 14,519 square meters.

The turbine, rolled off the production line in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, in December 2011. It has a control system with separate pitch-control function to effectively lower the uneven load of the turbine.

Yu Ningjian, assistant general manager of Guodian United Power, said previously that his company had completed turbine operating parameter and blade aerodynamic designs for 12MW superconductor offshore turbines.

Among Chinese manufacturers, Sinovel has produced 6MW offshore turbines, Dongfang Electric has produced a 5.5MW turbine, while CSIC Haizhuang and XEMC have produced 5MW turbines.