Nordex brings N117 blade production in-house

GERMANY: Nordex is expanding its German production facilities in Rostock to cater for a rise in demand for its N117/2400 low wind speed turbine.

Nordex said it creating two new production lines for the 58.5-metre blade used on the N117 with an addition of 130 new employees.

The company said it was taking blade production in-house because only a limited number of suppliers could handle its carbon construction.

Overall, Nordex said it was looking to produce 400 blades at the plant from 2013 onwards. It added that N117 demand was particularly high in Germany.

Nordex unveiled the 2.4MW N117/2400 wind turbine with a record 117-metre rotor diameter at the EWEA 2011 event in Brussels. At the end of that year, Nordex installed the first N117 in northern Germany.

Speaking about the turbine, Nordex head of product-line management Jorg Scholle said: "Our product market focus is for inland sites with 6-6.5m/s average wind speed at hub height. Under these conditions, the N117/2400 achieves over 3,500 full-load hours - or a capacity factor of more than 40%."