Gamesa outlines product development plans for 2013-14

SPAIN: Gamesa is to focus its research and development on the 2.5MW onshore and 5.5MW onshore/ offshore platforms as part of its new strategy under executive chairman Ignacio Martin.

Gamesa launches its G114 2MW turbine earlier this year

The company said the 2.5MW platform and the 5.5MW onshore/ offshore turbine will come out in Q2 2014 and Q4 2014 respectively. A prototype of the offshore turbine will be built in late 2013-early 2014.

The announcement came as part of a 2013-14 restructure undertaken by Martin that will involve up to 20% job cuts worldwide.

Gamesa has been developing a 5MW turbine since early last year, which is based on its 4.5MW platform. This is the first time the company has stated that the turbine will have an onshore capability and the slight upgrade in capacity to 5.5MW.

The 7-8MW offshore turbine, which had been planned to come out in prototype by 2014, has been put back to an unspecified date in the "medium to long term".

Although Gamesa said it was committed to the offshore sector, it revealed it needed to bring in partners - industrial and financial - to help meet the development costs. Earlier this year it was announced the offshore prototype is set to be built in the Canary Islands after Gamesa exited its US R&D facility in Virginia.

No details were revealed about the 2.5MW platform. However, it is likely to be targeted at the low wind segment of the onshore market. As part of this trend Gamesa brought out a 2MW machine with a 114-metre rotor in April.

Gamesa said the two new products will help it cater for 95% of market demand in the upcoming years.