CSIC Haizhuang installs 5MW offshore prototype

CHINA: CSIC Haizhuang has installed its first 5MW offshore prototype at the Rudong demonstration offshore wind farm, in east China's Jiangsu province.

CSIC's 5MW turbine has 75-metre blades developed by LM

The prototype is the first 5MW wind turbine adopting multi-pile foundation technology, and with a special-purpose offshore wind installation vessel to be installed in the country, said CSIC Haizhuang. (visit Windpower Monthly's Facebook group for more pictures).

The prototype 5MW direct drive permanent magnet offshore turbine was launched in July after three years in development. The 75-metre blades were designed by LM Wind Power.

CSIC said it has the "largest rotor blades (154 metres), lightest nacelle weight, and highest power generation capacity" among wind turbines of the same type. Although, Siemens 6MW turbine has a rotor of the same size.

In the process of developing the 5MW turbine, CSIC Haizhuang cooperated with Dutch engineering firm Mecal, KK Electronic from Denmark, and German offshore specialist Lehnhoff Consulting.

Since offshore wind power development has become a priority in China, with targets of 5GW installed capacity by 2015 and 30GW by 2020, about 20 Chinese

wind turbine makers have announced they are developing big-capacity turbines.

So far, Sinovel, Guodian United Power, Dongfang Electric and XEMC have produced 5MW or 6MW turbines.

By 2020, China's offshore wind turbine market will be worth $17 billion, according to Li Junfeng, deputy director of energy research institute National Development and Reform Commission.