GL Garrad Hassan co-founder Garrad retires

UK: Andrew Garrad, president of major renewables consultancy GL Garrad Hassan, steps down today, Monday 15 October. Dr RV Ahilan takes over the helm of the GL Group's renewable energy business segment, covering the consultancy arm GL Garrad Hassan and the independent third party certification body GL Renewables Certification.

Garrad has not left the market entirely. He is taking on the role of non-executive chairman for the renewables division, dealing with strategic issues across the renewable energy industry including new technology and policy. He reports to GL group executive board member, Pekka Paasivaara.

Ahilan moves over from the group’s oil and gas division, GL Noble Denton, where he had been involved in its renewable energy activity. His appointment is hoped to encourage a stronger link between the Garrad Hassan and Noble Denton divisions, providing technical advice to the offshore wind industry.

Andrew Garrad is seen as one of the most influential individuals in the early wind industry, and is widely regarded in the global wind industry as the godfather of wind technology innovation. He co-founded the UK consultancy firm Garrad Hassan in 1984, which was bought in 2009 by German consulting and engineering firm Germanischer Lloyd. In his new role, he will devote more time to publicly championing the industry. "I have had too little time to devote to the broader political issues that face the industry as I did in the old days," said Garrad, who is particularly interested in championing offshore wind power. ""It is a new industry with fabulous prospects, but in the UK if you open a paper any day you will find ill-informed whingeing." Garrad’s ambition is to contribute to setting the record straight.