Vestas continues US job cuts

UNITED STATES: Vestas move to layoff staff at its US plants continues with 80 job losses announced at its Brighton blade and nacelle manufacturing plant in Colorado.

Vestas Windsor plant... job cuts this week?

The job cuts only affect the blade facility at Brighton, which overall has around 200 workers. According to reports, further losses are expected at Vestas' blade plant in Windsor, Colorado later this week.

This year, Vestas has made around 90 job cuts at its Pueblo, Colorado, tower plant. However, the company forecast this number would rise to 1,600 if the production tax credit was not renewed. It has forecast an 80% fall in demand in the US market.

In terms of actual job losses, other companies have gone further than Vestas, with Siemens, Gamesa and LM all making job cuts in the 100s.

In a statement on the cuts, Vestas said: "As a result of this market slowdown, today Vestas reduced its manufacturing workforce at its blade factory in Brighton, Colorado.

"This workforce reduction represents about 5% of Vestas’ manufacturing employees in the state. This is a difficult decision because we must part with many dedicated and talented people in Colorado who have helped make Vestas the global leader in wind energy."

It did not respond to enquiries about the possibility of further cuts this week at its Windsor plant.

Earlier this week, the company announced it was consolidating three of its R&D facilities and moving them into the Brighton factory.