Latest coverage from Husum WindEnergy 2012 - Liveblog day 3

Windpower Monthly blogs from the Husum 2012 conference, covering launches and events as they happen. Or, if you're at the event, visit Windpower Monthly in exhibition hall 2.

17.30 CET

Recent news of Areva acquiring technology to install single blades is hotly followed by what we think is exclusive news that Mitsubishi has also signed up for the same technology. Danish firm Liftra is ready to sign up and start work on its Blade Dragon lifting technology for the Japanese manufacturer, with our bets on the model it will be designed for being the larger offshore prototype.

17.00 CET

Big crowds round Nordex stand earlier this afternoon. What was the interest? A demonstration of the manufacturer's cold climate option for heated blades. Heated web and sensors set into near-surface layer before blade surface is sealed. The company already has a large set of turbines in Sweden using them, and more on the way. Finnish market is interested too. Cost return in five years, company estimates. Value could be much more if it enables project build in icy location.

11.00 CET

 US blade manufacturer Modular Wind has had its 45-metre blade certified by GL and has a customer lined up for the component.

With the expiry of the PTC, it is no secret the US might be a difficult market next year. Warren Ault COO of Modular Wind believes installations could be as low as 2.5GW next year. Conversely, he also says 2012 could be as high as 12.2GW. Ault also spoke about other markets and the issues surrounding local sourcing with rules becoming increasingly stringent. For manufacturers, the difficulty is not just in the cost but also the probelms in training staff quickly enough.

10.15 CET

Just spoken and shot video (click image above) with GE general manager Europe Stefan Ritter about what the company is looking to promote at Husum. Ritter's focus is very much onshore and services. He also spoke briefly about the company's 4.1MW offshore turbine, which is currently being tested in Gothenburg harbour, Sweden. The turbine is progressing but GE, like many manufacturers, is very cautious about the offshore market at the moment.


Summary of day 2.

AMSC executive vice president Tim Poor speaks about the company's battle with Sinovel and its aim to develop the 10MW Sea Titan offshore turbine. Another company to specialise in the licensing of designs, Aerodyn's founder Sonke Siegfriedsen talks about hitting 31GW in installations and the upcoming 6MW SCD turbine. Siemens joins Repower in using the event to promote a new addition to its 3MW range with longer blades and bigger hub heights. And the Hamburg-Husum debate shows no sign of quietening down.

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